Automating with Ansible – Part 2

In the first part of Automating with Ansible we had a look at how you can utilize Ansibles inventory-file and the ping module to communicate with the different machines in your environment. This time we’ll have a look of how to utilize Ansibles Playbooks to leave the command line and automate our IT even further


Ansible utilizes the concept of playbooks to organize and execute tasks for us. A playbook is a simple yml-file with tasks (instructions). Let’s have a look at work/playbooks/touchfile.yml in the repository:


The first thing we do in our playbook is to define which hosts the playbook should target. As seen above, we aim to execute this playbook on all of our hosts.

On the next line we define our first task. The task

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Automating with Ansible – Part 1

Automating tasks for installing new machines or managing your different environments is a must in the days of Continous Delivery. Most often I have seen these solutions done by chef or puppet. When I’ve worked in those projects many of the tasks/recipes has already been setup and whenever I’ve gone in and update those I’ve felt that it’s a bit of a jungle with a steep learning curve. I was therefore very interested when I got introduced to Ansible by a colleague.

What is Ansible?

Ansible is an IT automation tool to orchestrate, provision, deploy or install your infrastructure. Their goal is to be “simple” as in easy to use, yet very powerful in its features.

As an example, let’s say that you have an application that has a lot of prerequired steps to be installed on a fresh environment. In a delivery pipeline you would have to automate those preqrequired steps so

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Java Barcelona Conference 2016

A week ago the second edition of the Java Barcelona Conference took of in the catalan capital. With an ambitious schedule of 8 workshops and about 50 talks, spread over four different tracks over three days, a weekend with a lot of Java and JVM-related knowledge-sharing began. The conference attracted about 300 developers who met up at the facilities of the University Pompeu Fabra. As I was there to speak about Reactive Java EE I had the opportunity to experience the conference both as a participant and as a speaker.

At thursday evening the speakers dinner was held at the sport harbour of Barcelona. The organizers Barcelona JUG did an excellent work in welcoming us to their city and with a great view, great tapas and with even greater company the speakers shared a really pleasant evening. It was a true privelege to meet passionate people with

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