JDK9 REPL JShell – this is some exciting stuff!

A couple of years ago I worked in a project with a Python backend. As I had only used python as a script language before I soon grew to really love the powerful interactive console that let me explore and learn the language (and which saved me a few hours of debugging every week). The interactive console is the thing I miss most when I’m in my Java codebase, but fear not, with JDK9 we as Java developers will also gain the benefit of a REPL!


If you have 3 minutes over, take a quick look as I scratch on the surface of JShell

JDK9 is out in early access so check it out!

Over n out

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Why, why, why, why? Measure.

Why? According to me this is the number one question that you will continously have to answer when working with software. My experience is that people are very often really good at answering this question…one time at the start of their project! Then it gets lost in translation. In bigger projects, the people who answered […]

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