Vi tar med oss JavaOne till dig!

Den 18:e september delar Squeed med sig av sin kompetens för fjärde gången på JavaOne. JavaOne arrangeras av Oracle och är världens största Java-konferens. I år har vi tre talare på plats som presenterar:

Reactive Java EE
av Ola Petersson
Today’s end users place high demands on the responsiveness of their applications, and, in response, the reactive manifesto is getting more acknowledgment every day. This hands-on presentation takes a look at what reactive programming really is. It goes through the concepts of reactive programming and proceeds to how to actually implement it. Using Java EE, it covers areas such as asynchronous programming, message- and event-driven architecture, and WebSocket. When you leave this session you will have the utilities to build responsive applications with higher throughput, better use of your hardware and especially; a nicer user experience!

What a Back-End Java Developer Doesn’t Know About the Modern Web Stack
av Peter Lindh & Rikard Thulin
This session elaborates on how a modern web tool stack is used to get you and your team productive. After this session, you will know what tools such as Yeoman, Grunt, Gulp, Bower, and their friends are like. This is not a web framework battle. It’s all about the tooling for productive web development that every Java developer should know about.

Våra Javaexperter kommer gärna ut till er och håller sina presentationer.
Kontakta för att boka en presentation.

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